10 Skills Now Critiqued by Potential New Employers Who Want to Assess An Employee’s Ability to Work Remotely

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10 Skills Now Critiqued by Potential New Employers Who Want to Assess An Employee’s Ability to Work Remotely, From Home

Make Sure Your References Validate Your Suitability for Home/Remote Employment

DETROIT (April 8, 2022) – “Fully 91.7 % of corporate clients are asking for new types of rankings for potential employees when we call their former companies,” according to Jeff Shane of Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company. 

Not All Employees Are Good Candidates for Working at Home, Employers Want Feedback About Their Suitability For Home/Remote Employment  – Here are 10 new criteria frequently invoked in this era of “working remotely”, to assess how candidates previously performed in home/remote capacities:

  • Sufficiently tech savvy for remote work
  • Self-starter
  • Self-disciplined
  • Productive in a remote environment
  • Adaptable to change
  • Skilled communicator & documenter
  • Troubleshooting skills when interacting with other work-at-home peers/management
  • Reliable judgement
  • Ability to cope with family distractions
  • Employee satisfaction and ability to thrive in a remote working environment

With approximately 1 in 3 new hires leaving a company within 2 years, it is clear that employer costs can add up very quickly.  Initial selection of the right candidates has the potential to save corporations millions of dollars over a period of years.

Candidates also have a vested interest in putting their best foot forward.  They are well advised to have a separate list – independent of their resumes, but in the same font/format – of their references readily available to be given to a prospective employer upon request.  

To find out what your former boss will say about your “work at home skills”, please visit Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company. Or call 800-890-5645.

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