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Bad Bosses, Corporate Policy Not Honored, Job Reference Negativity, Interviewing Well But No Offers, Hold On While I Get the Legal File


Short Scripts for Employment Writers, From Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company

DETROIT (April 5, 2022) – Since 1984 our firm has conducted thousands of job reference checks primarily for job seekers concerned about former employer reviews. From the countless negative reference comments, we have documented, we offer below some short scripts for your use to assist those job seekers having trouble obtaining a job offer.

If you are interested in any data, please feel free to contact us we have a wealth of data that we are able to share.

Sample scripts include the following:

47 words

Are You Protected by Your Former Employer’s Policy of Only Confirming Employment Dates & Title? Better not leave it to chance. Over 57% of our clients receive a poor to bad reference. Who from your past job will help you or hurt you – find out here!

53 words

Is Your Past Boss Badmouthing You? More than 50% of our client’s risk losing good job offers due to bad or mediocre comments from previous employers. will confidentially find out what is really being said about you and give you the power to stop it! Click here to find out how!

42 words

Interviewing Well but Not Getting the Job? 57% of References We Call Do Not Honor Appropriate Reference-Giving Policy  After 3 fantastic interviews, the road grows cold.  Maybe a past employer is killing your employment prospects. Click here to check this out!

60 words

Is Your Separation Agreement with A Past Employer Being Honored? Is your past employer giving the promised reference, or are they saying, “According to our legal; agreement I can only confirm that they worked here.” will find out what is really being said and give you the power to enforce your agreement. Click here to find out how!

46 words

Are You Being BLACKBALLED By a Former Employer? Last year our clients were awarded more than $2 million in settlements. will find out what is really being said about you and give you the power to stop it. Click here to find out how!

37 words

What Can I Do About a Negative Reference? While many negative reference findings end up in court, another option is a simple Cease-&-Desist letter that is more than 99% effective. Read about the particulars here!

57 words

Considering Having a Friend Check Your Job References? Don’t make the mistake of thinking a call from a friend takes the place of a check by a professional reference checking organization such as Allison & Taylor, who confirm that approximately 57% of all reference checks they conduct reveal negative information. Click here to find out how!

48 words

Are You Betting on the Wrong Job References? Your employment, not personal, references are the ones an employer will check. In particular, your former boss who is most likely the most talkative of all references.  Click here to find out what is really being said about you!

34 words

What Can Your Employer Legally Say About You? Better not assume it’s only your employment dates & title. In particular, former bosses break policy constantly. Click here to find out what they’re saying!

36 words

Are You Choosing the Right Job References? Be sure that the references you select, are the ones that employers will call.  Never assume that these references have you back – here’s what you need to do!

34 words

What Are Your References REALLY Saying About You? Over 57 % of our clients receive a poor job reference.  Ensure that your references truly have your back.  Click here to find out how!

39 words

Are Your Potential Employers Calling an Unwanted Reference? Never assume that the references you offer up, are the ones employers will call.  They probably are not – click here to find out who a potential company will call!

38 words

What Can You Do About a Workplace Bully? Don’t allow a bully to jeopardize your current or future job prospects. Their vindictive nature also makes them bad job references. Click here to find out what to do!

32 words

Why Didn’t You Get the Job? Could it have been your job references? Did you have some excellent  interviews after which you never heard back?  Click here to find out why!

27 words

Could Your References Be Saying Something Negative About YOU? Never assume they will only confirm your employment dates/title.  Click here to find out what they’re saying!

31 words

More Than 57% Of Our Job Reference Checks Reveal Employer Negativity.  Could Yours Be One? Your future employment may hang in the balance.  Click here to confirm what’s really happening!

42 words

Unsure As to What Is Keeping You from A New Job? Don’t Overlook the Prospect of a Negative Reference.  Over 57% of the reference checks we conduct, reveal negativity.  Click here to find out what is really being said about you!

35 words

Were You a Victim of Discrimination, Sexual Harassment or Wrongful Termination? Let get you the proof you need for remedial action. Click here to find out what is really being said about you.

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