Walked Off The Job? The Nightmare of Getting a Job, Then Losing It

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Walked Off The Job? The Nightmare of Getting a Job, Then Losing It

Don’t Let a Negative Employment Reference Cost You A Dream Job

DETROIT (August 25, 2016) – It’s an all-too-common scenario: a fully qualified candidate fails to get a job because their background check or references come back with an unfavorable report.

Could things be worse? Unfortunately, yes. Consider this circumstance: You get the job, and are then unceremoniously let go because negative reference results came back after you’d already been hired. Imagine the humiliation- personal, and professional- that comes with a company representative arriving at your desk with the statement, “Sorry, you’re done here. I have to escort you off the premises.”

Many people assume once they’ve been hired, references don’t play a significant role. “Not true”, says Jeff Shane, Vice President of Allison & Taylor Reference Checking, a firm that offers professional reference checking services. “People are walked off the job due to references more frequently than you’d believe. We’ve heard more than one story of how people were settling into new jobs, only to be removed from the position because of the responses their references provided.”

Sadly, the often-overlooked “last phase” of the hiring process – checking the applicant’s references – has undone many a candidate.

What most job seekers don’t realize is that many companies don’t conduct their reference checks until after you’ve started the job. Companies have a 90-day “probationary” period that allows them to terminate your employment relationship at will, and many use this time to complete all the hiring paperwork and checks dictated by company policy.

Before you lose that perfect job due to an unfavorable reference, take the time to ensure that your references are responding appropriately to employment inquiries. The simplest and most effective way is to conduct a reference check(s) through a professional reference checking company like Allison & Taylor. If a reference check confirms negative or inappropriate feedback, their documented response gives you the foundation for recourse to prevent further career damage.

One such action is the option of a Cease & Desist letter, which can help ensure that the transgressor will stop their actions out of fear of corporate reprisal.

In offering this service, Allison & Taylor works with attorneys well-versed in employment law who will review the client’s report from a negative reference, speak directly with them to discuss protocol and options, and then issue the letter to the organization where the negative commentary arose. As part of the overall fee, Allison & Taylor then re-conducts the original reference check to determine if the negative reference is continuing to offer harmful commentary. This rarely turns out to be the case – the documented “success rate” of this letter is extremely high.

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