Workplace Bullying: New Tools to Deal with Intimidation or Harassment at Work

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Workplace Bullying: New Tools to Deal with Intimidation or Harassment at Work

Fighting Back Against Workplace Injustice

DETROIT, MI (November 2, 2016) – Workplace bullying is alive and well – and on the rise. Recent statistics indicate that up to 35% of workforce employees have fallen victim to this alarming trend. Particularly disturbing is that bullying often continues even after an employee has left a job, with the bully continuing to make the job seeker’s life difficult by giving them a poor reference when called by prospective employers.

What constitutes workplace bullying? Tactics can range from derogatory comments to public humiliation or physical abuse, all of which can lead to decreased workplace productivity. Victims may experience a loss of confidence, debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, clinical depression or even physical illness.

Central to the issue is the fact that management or supervisors are the most common offenders, and their bullying actions leave the recipient in a difficult employment position. Since many bullies are operating in accordance with a company’s “standard practices”, victims often speculate that they may deserve the criticisms, or they are simply too embarrassed, reluctant or fearful to confront the harasser.

If you are the victim and you’re unwilling or unable to effect a change in the workplace, leaving the position and looking for a more positive environment may be your best choice. However, you will want to make sure that your former employer’s negative feedback to potential new employers does not hinder your efforts to find a more suitable work environment.

Fortunately, there is recourse available for such grim scenarios. Allison & Taylor reference checking provides a service whereby an employee can find out exactly what someone is saying about them to a prospective new employer. If a workplace bully is speaking out of turn when responding to an employment inquiry, employees can exercise the option of a Cease & Desist letter or pursue more substantive legal action.

The organization has recently begun offering additional consultative services on this subject. Click on the “Workplace Bullying” section of this site and request a complimentary consultation:

For many, the dilemma of workplace bullying is often made worse by the feeling that nothing can be done to address it. However, this isn’t true – every employee or job seeker has an obligation to enhance or protect their employment situation.


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