How to choose the best references to represent you to potential employers

Simply put, it’s imperative that you, as a job candidate, also take a close look at your references each and every time you make a change to your resume.  Make sure your reference list meets these criteria:

  • Does your reference list reflect the best people to cast you in a positive light to a prospective employer – or could there be someone else who would be a better choice?
  • Are your selected references truly going to give your prospective employers the kudos you’re hoping for? If you’re less than certain that they will, you’d better check them beforehand before they go “live” with your prospective new employer. Have a reference check conducted beforehand to make sure.
  • Do your references have a truly comprehensive knowledge of your skills and abilities, and can they fluently convey this knowledge?
  • Are your references people with whom you’ve stayed in touch, and kept updated on your career moves and successes? Will they be able to provide current information about you to a prospective new employer(s)?

If your reference meets all these criteria, they will be a powerful asset in your hunt Read more...

Beware Talkative Employees Putting Your Company At Legal Risk

With the post-pandemic economic recovery well underway, more than a few employers are finding themselves short-handed with overbearing workloads and too few employees to handle them.  Many such employers have already turned to third-party reference checking firms to aid their HR and management personnel Read more...

Writing Your Resignation Letter If You’re Leaving on Bad Terms

While crafting a resignation letter is simple enough when you’re leaving an employer on civil terms, what do you do if you’re parting on less than favorable circumstances? Writing a resignation note in anger or haste could become an action you will later regret.

Here are some examples of how your resignation letter might be worded.

Allison & Taylor can also provide assistance in crafting an appropriate resignation letter.

Example #1: Resignation due to bullying, harassment, age discrimination or sexual overtones

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