Job Openings and Interviews are Plentiful; Yet Job Offers are Difficult to Nail – 3 Steps to Master the Interview Process & Receive That Job Offer

The tips for giving a successful interview performance are many and well documented – be on time, dress appropriately, convey interest and enthusiasm, etc. However, what is less well understood – except by exceptional job candidates – is that the interview process can be a forum that is managed primarily by you, the job seeker. A well-managed interview will convey your knowledge of the company, your passion and leadership abilities that are key to enhancing the organization, and your value in being able to immediately make a contribution to your new employer.

Here are 3 steps that will make you the master of your future interviews:

  1. Research your potential employer beforehand and be prepared to offer recommendations for organizational improvement. Surprisingly few applicants invest the time in becoming knowledgeable about an employer’s business. Even fewer understand it well enough to offer potential recommendations for enhancement. While this is easier to do with an employer with which you’re already familiar – say, a former competitor – being able to offer ideas for organizational improvement will demonstrate your level of understanding of their processes and needs.
  2. Be prepared to ask insightful – and if need be, tough – questions. Remember that not only should you be a “good fit” for a potential employer; they should be a good fit for you as well. Asking intelligent questions will demonstrate your own level of interest and intelligence, and may reveal some responses that give you guidance as to whether you truly wish to work with this organization.
  3. Know ahead of time what your key references will say about you to prospective employers. It’s best to assume that interviewers will contact both your former supervisor and the Human Resources contacts at your recent places of employment (and perhaps some of your co-workers as well). If any of your references offer unfavorable commentary about you, it’s unlikely you will be re-contacted by potential employers. Find out beforehand what they will say about you by utilizing a third party reference checking firm such as Allison & Taylor; if any negative commentary is revealed, you will have recourse to discourage a former employer from continuing to offer such remarks.

Invest the time to know your potential future employers – you will stand out from other candidates and better ensure that you will be their newest employee.

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Are you protected by your old company’s policy to only confirm the dates and title of employment?

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