Implausible Things Former Bosses Say When Called for A Reference

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Real-Life Employer Excerpts Show That Negative References are Running Rampant

DETROIT (March 30, 2022) Thousands of  job seekers have seen their employment hopes dashed by a negative reference given by their former supervisor.  Most companies do have corporate policies against this type of reference; however, we find more than 57% of corporations do not honor company policy.  Why?  Former bosses are not familiar with the policy, their emotions take over, they are jealous or vindictive.

The following are excerpts from actual professional reference checking interviews conducted by Allison & Taylor staff on behalf of clients during the past year:

Could you fully describe the circumstances and reason for the separation?

“She was fired.”

“She was let go – she didn’t do her part as expected.”

“He was let go … he didn’t follow safety standards and guidelines.”

“I fired him! He and his buddy had some illegal things going.”

“She had been written up and she walked out on work … because she was upset.”

“It was a rather delicate and awkward situation. You should call her other past employers. I made the mistake of not doing that.”

“She was terminated in an investigation…” The reference then got very quiet and said he had General Council in his office and couldn’t say anything more.

“ Hold on, I will get the legal file to see what I can say “

Comments regarding a candidate’s skills, ranking them on a scale of 1-5:

Oral Communications: “Can I give a negative number?”

Interpersonal Relations: “He had a problem with a few of the people. I should have ended the relationship just after he started.”

Productivity: “Is there a rating less than inadequate?”

Decision Making: “He couldn’t make a decision if his life depended on it.”

Managerial Skills: “He couldn’t manage a group of children.”

Financial Skills: “That’s why our company had a major layoff – we left her in charge of the finances!”

Comments regarding a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses:

“I cannot think of any strengths, only weaknesses.”

“I’m sure there are some strengths, but nothing jumps out at me.”

“I’d rather not comment – you can take that however you want.”

In addition to documenting the reference’s commentary, Allison & Taylor documents their tone of voice. It is not uncommon to find them hesitant, evasive or annoyed by the call.

Fortunately, a professional reference-checking firm such as Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company can provide critical documentation that job seekers can use to take remedial action with a cease and desist letter to that former boss and all of the c-level executives in the company.

Whether it’s the possibility of negative commentary or a negative tone from a reference contact, documentation by a third-party reference checking firm is one of first orders of the day.  If reference negativity is identified, be assured that remedial action on your behalf is indeed feasible – and with a high probability of success. To have job references checked, please visit our website or call 800-890-5645 (toll-free USA/Canada)

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