Ensure That You are the Master of Your Financial Destiny With Job Raises & Promotions

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Identify (& Control) Your Financial Prospects By Calculating Your Lifetime Career / Job Earnings

DETROIT (Feb. 28, 2022) – The career experts at Allison & Taylor, Inc., the Reference Checking Company created and just launched an online financial tool to show you how to accelerate your earnings from your job.

According to statistics from the Social Security Administration, the national average wage index for 2020 was $55,628.60. However, few Americans fully appreciate the significance that pay raises or promotions, compounded annually, represent. If we consider the annual earnings figure just mentioned, annual pay increases averaging 2.9% will increase your compounded gross income to well over $2 million over a 30-year period.

Promotional increases will accelerate your earnings prospects more quickly still. An average promotional increase of approximately 10% would represent a compounded gross income exceeding $3 million after 30 years.

Put another way, your management of career finances could ultimately enhance your personal gross income over 30 years, by an additional $1 million (or more). This could surely contribute to a healthy retirement future, among many possibilities.

Given these statistics, it’s simple common sense to invest in your career future by making a strategic career move or pursuing a promotion in an optimal way. Once you master the secrets to winning promotions, it will increase your bank account and your projected income over your career lifetime.

GrowMyPaycheck.com is a financial tool that will help you quantify – using scenarios that you input – the actual potential earnings we are discussing here.

Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company has created such a tool that can easily be viewed and utilized. By accessing this tool, you take the first step in ensuring that YOU are the master of your financial destiny in the years to come.

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About Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company

Critical when seeking a job or promotion. Consider checking and validating your former employment references. Don’t lose a promotion or job opportunity due to mediocre or bad job references.

JobReferences.com, powered by Allison & Taylor, Inc. The Reference Checking Company will call your former employer to obtain your references, document the results and provide a report to you.

Developers of GrowMyPaycheck.com-Ensure That You are the Master of Your Financial Destiny With Job Raises & Promotions.

Our firm is highly acclaimed with employers, employees and the media alike. Compliments and mentions from influential publications and writers at The Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Workplace Bullying Institute, ABC Newswire, Forbes, USA Today, Hcareers, Fortune and MyFox News provide insight into our services. Allison & Taylor, The Reference Checking Company is headquartered in Michigan.

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