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Why Employment References Are Critical: Corporate “No Reference” Policy Is Frequently Disregarded By Employers

DETROIT (April 23, 2020) –One of the most common misconceptions about employment policies is the idea that companies always follow their corporate “We will only confirm the employment dates and title of our former employees” guideline. While legal and/or corporate guidelines may reflect this idea, former bosses and colleagues frequently still provide negative commentary. In fact, reference checking company Allison & Taylor indicates that nearly 50% of all references checked reveal some level of negativity.

While not all this type of feedback is unlawful, some may be– especially when it ventures into territory that includes discrimination, defamation, retaliation, disparagement or sexual harassment.

It’s in a job-seeker’s best interest to know exactly where they stand with their references, and to have an arsenal of employment tools that will give the them the best possible chance to gain new employment.

Allison & Taylor offers a variety of services designed to assist the job seeker.

Presenting a polished, professional image is key to career success, so it pays to be proactive when it comes to your references and resume. To find out more about having your references checked, or to see how you can benefit from expertly crafted employment documents, please visit Allison & Taylor.

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