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Do You Know What Your Former Boss Will Say About You?
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Don't let a bad boss or a bad job reference ruin your chances of getting your dream job!

A bad boss can mean a bad job reference. Will you trust your last boss to give you a good reference? Will this "bad boss" be contacted by future employers when you applying for a new job? Knowing what your former boss will say before a prospective employer contacts him may be the difference in your receiving a new job offer. This is why our services are crucial to anyone who is applying for a job. Don't let a bad boss or a bad job reference ruin your chances of getting your dream job.

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Do you know what your former boss would say about you if a prospective employer contacted him or her? One of the most common reasons a highly qualified job applicant is turned down for a position is because he or she received a Bad Job Reference from their former employer.

In today's competitive job market, the overwhelming majority of potential employers will check your job references! Find out if your past boss will give you a Bad Job Reference by having a professional reference checking service conduct a Reference Check on your past employers!

While your resume and credentials can get you an interview, bad job references can cause you to lose the position. Amazingly, with just a little pressure, most managers break company policy and speak their mind with respect to your credentials, qualities, habits and work ethic.

We will find out EXACTLY what your former boss will say about you and give you strategies to counteract a Bad Job Reference!

Many job seekers spend a great deal of time polishing their resume, but make rash decisions as to whom they use as a job reference. Employment references play a critical role in the job hiring decision and all too often, a bad job reference will hurt a candidate's chance at potential employment.

To maximize the value of the service performed, we ask to be directed to specific individual references. Primarily these individuals would include anyone familiar with your background, especially to any party to whom you reported. These individuals do not necessarily have to be named on your list of references, but be assured, if you reported to them, they are likely to be contacted by a prospective employer.

. This level of report includes additional questions such as the employee's ability to attract and mentor talent as well as salary history. It is recommended that salary and/or income information be provided by the candidate, as it is customary for a firm to confirm this type of information - not supply it.

A Student Level reference check is for the college graduate who has earned a degree within the last two years and worked while attending college.

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