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View Sample Reports - Teacher Reference

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Sample Teacher Reference Report
This detailed report includes the comprehensive interview we conduct with your
reference (former boss, current employer, etc.). The report below shows the kind of
positive tone and reference this person would give if contacted by a potential employer.

Confidential Teacher Reference Report
Reference Subject: Mark Johnson
Position Held: Teacher
Dates of Employment: 12/06/01 - 6/05/04
Reference Checked: Suzanne Jones
Power Middle School
Allison & Taylor Report Information:
Title Confirmed? Yes Date Completed: 4/6/2005
Dates of Emp. Confirmed? Yes Consultant: Allison & Taylor
Eligible for rehire? Yes
Performance Evaluation Questionnaire
Oral Communications: 4 Short Term Planning: 4 Leadership: 4
   Written Communications: 4 Long Term Planning: 4 Decision Making: 3+
Interpersonal Relations: 4 Crisis Management: 3+ Technical Skills: 4
Student Relations: 4 Personal Integrity: 5 Overall Performance: 4
Effective Classroom Organization/Management: 4 Student Discipline: 4

Key:     1=Inadequate    2=Poor    3=Satisfactory    4=Good    5=Outstanding
NC=No Comment    SB=See Below    NP=Not Applicable

Interview / Correspondence:
Are you able to enthusiastically recommend this teacher?

"Yes I would, he was an outstanding teacher."
Could you describe any strengths and / or weaknesses of this teacher?

listening skills
teaching skills

nothing I can think of
Do you feel this teacher had a good rapport with the other teachers and general co-workers?

"Yes, he got along well with everyone. They seemed very fond of him."
Do you feel this teacher had a good rapport with the students / parents?

"Yes indeed. The parents used to email the school telling how fond they were of him and how much the students liked him too."
Did this teacher follow acceptable district policy and procedures?

Do you think this teacher has reasonable or acceptable management skills for their given level of experience?

"He certainly did - he went over and above what was expected."
Were you satisfied with the level of staff development that the teacher participated in?

"Yes, very much so."
Could you fully describe the circumstances and reason for the separation?

"He left on his own will."
Could you suggest anyone else that I should speak to regarding this teacher?

She did not have anyone to suggest.
Additional Notes and Comments:
4/06 Called and spoke with Suzanne Jones
4/04 Called and left message
4/03 Called
4/02 Called

TONE OF VOICE did NOT lead us to believe there was a problem, which was:

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