Allison & Taylor Cease & Desist Letter Testimonials
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Do You Know What Your Former Boss Will Say About You?
Allison & Taylor Cease & Desist Letter Testimonials
Allison & Taylor Cease & Desist Letter Testimonials

Cease & Desist Letter Testimonials

“It's one thing to know I had a bad reference, another to be able to do something about it. Allison & Taylor helped me with both, (we have checked again and now my reference, although not great is at least neutral) and I'm (finally) employed again after many months of searching. Many thanks!” (P. L., Phoenix, AZ)

“I'd given up hope that I would ever be able to do anything about my past boss who has been badmouthing me. (Thanks to the “Cease and Desist Letter” he has been stopped) Thank goodness I found about your service - I would have contacted you years ago if I'd known your services existed.” (J.L, Ogden, UT)

“It's one thing to suspect I had a “bad apple” in my reference barrel, another thing to confirm it. And then, being able to do something about it with your Cease-&-Desist letter - I finally feel like I'm getting my career back. Thanks so much!” (B. R., Birmingham, AL)

“My self esteem had been hurting so much over the past year because of my inability to get a new job. Your company showed me where the problem was, and gave me a reasonably priced tool to put a stop to it. I am very much in your debt, Allison & Taylor.” (W.W., Naples, FL)

“ I wish I had a dollar for every sleepless night I had wondering if one of my references was preventing me from finding a new job. Not only did you confirm my worst suspicions but you gave me the means from preventing them from doing it again. I had your company do a follow-up check with my previously negative reference after your attorney sent the Cease-&-Desist letter and he sang a completely different tune (only confirming my employment dates and title) the second time around. My prospects for landing a new job are looking up - thank you again for your help.” (D.J., Toronto, Ontario)

“My money spent for your reference checking service and subsequent Cease-&-Desist letter is surely the best investment I have made for several years. Many thanks.” (A. D., Missoula, MT)

“I was frankly skeptical that a U.S.-based company could find out what my European employer was saying about me, much less give me any recourse once they confirmed my employer was negative. Your company did both, and I am in your debt.” (A.P., Wiesbaden, Germany)

“Way to go, Allison & Taylor - you guys have given me my life back with that (Cease & Desist) letter your attorney sent my boss a month ago. She's sure singing a different tune now!” (C.H., Juneau, AK)

“What a wonderful service (Cease & Desist letter) - I didn't have the money or inclination to take my evil boss to court. You gave me a quick, simple and lower-priced alternative to legal action that has given my future employment a new lease on life. I will recommend you to all of my unemployed friends - thank you so much.” (J.J., Vancouver, British Columbia)

Cease and Desist Letter for a Bad Reference

Allison & Taylor Cease & Desist Letter Testimonials

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Allison & Taylor Cease & Desist Letter Testimonials
Allison & Taylor Cease & Desist Letter Testimonials
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