Professional Reference Checking Services Client Testimonials
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Do You Know What Your Former Boss Will Say About You?
Professional Reference Checking Services Client Testimonials
Professional Reference Checking Services Client Testimonials

Our Clients's clients include public and private corporations, government agencies and departments, educational institutions, trade associations, executive search firms and attorneys, as well as individual candidates.

Last year our clients were awarded settlements in excess of $2 million.

Since the early 90's we have seen employees take a stand to defend their rights and stop abuse in the workplace. Consequently, we have become familiar with the needs of those clients who are currently pursuing legal action against former employers. Sexual harassment and wrongful termination are serious matters - and so is the quality of the references given after or during a case. We have assisted our clients not only in the support of their cases, but also in the support of settlement agreements.

Working with (the Allison & Taylor consultant) was GREAT! She spoke to me and was very understanding when it came to my concerns about my employment record. She was helpful and so were the reports. I can feel safe that my former employer isn't destroying my character or employment history. Thank you.

S.S. - Florida

There are many e-reference check website services. I know now I made the right assessment to choose this one. I would definitely use it again. I am completely satisfied.

S.H. - Nevada

I think this is something that everyone should do periodically. To my relief, my references turned out positive, and I got valuable information that I can take (lessons learned) to my next job.

S.S. - South Carolina

I should have used your service years ago when I first looked into it.

B.G. - Iowa

I did not have (direct) correspondence with my consultant but I feel they did a great job and in a timely manner. I thank you for all the information and plan on doing business with you in the future.

M.C. - Pennsylvania

This reference told me that they would only say great things about me, and to use them. Your service provided me with the information that I hoped I would not get. My reference was not helpful and did not say anything great about me. It may be company policy, but it is not being truthful to tell me something different. Your service was a great help to me.

J.A. - Texas

THANK YOU! Your service answered the dreaded for me: what would my past employer say about me, since the jobended badly. I was worried but then very relieved to get your report that they were standing by the details. I am able to sleep at night now! It is well worth the fee for this information to be made available to those of us trying to move on! Thank you so much for a great service and a thorough job!

L.J. - New Jersey

"Prior to losing my job, I had no idea that your service even existed. In fact, the mere thought of verifying the quality of my own references never even crossed my mind. Thank goodness, a friend referred me to your firm. The research your company did uncovered one bad reference - the reason I wasn't receiving any job offers. This information allowed me to strategically avoid this individual and successfully land the next position I interviewed for."

J.M. - V.P. Marketing

"Your service saved my husband's career. Even though he won his lawsuit for wrongful termination and age discrimination, his references were keeping him from doing what he loved, working. Your company provided us with the evidence we needed to avoid another court battle. Thank you."

P.S. - President

"I would like to address you as a satisfied (very satisfied) customer. You are effective and efficient as well as being service-oriented. I have had two separate matters with your firm, and in each case I have been impressed. In each case, your work has directly contributed to the result - support of my client's case."

M.K. - Attorney at Law, St. Louis, MO

Professional Reference Checking Services Client Testimonials

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Professional Reference Checking Services Client Testimonials
Professional Reference Checking Services Client Testimonials
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