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Sample Teacher Employment Reference List

Professional References of Allison Taylor
123 4th Street, San Diego, CA 12345
Home (123) 555-1234, Cell (123) 555-2345
Email: AllisonT@AllisonTaylor.com

Individual Frame of Reference

Mary Jackson, Principal
Children's Elementary School
Work: (123) 555-3456
Cell: (123) 555-4567

I have known Ms. Jackson for 15 years. I first worked with her as a colleague, and for the last 5 years, she has been the Principal of Children's Elementary. She oversees my work in supervisory capacity, conducts my evaluations, and observes me in the classroom on an ongoing basis. Ms. Jackson is well qualified to speak to my teaching style and methods, as well as my interaction with students, parents and staff. Ms. Jackson is also aware of my continuing education training and the various teaching awards I have received.

Michael Anderson, Parent
Work: (123) 555-5678
Cell: (123) 555-6789

Mr. Anderson has had 3 children pass through my classroom in the last 6 years, and can speak to my interaction with and successful instruction of his children. He is an active volunteer in my classroom and can provide information on the teaching environment there.

Julia Wilson, Teacher/Colleague
Children's Elementary School
Work: (123) 555-3456
Cell: (123) 555-7890

Ms. Wilson and I have worked together at Children's Elementary for 5 years. We conduct tandem teaching projects together every year, and she can speak to my knowledge, skills and professionalism in the classroom.

James Miller, Owner
School Daze
Work: (123) 555-1012
Cell: (123) 555-8910

Mr. Miller is the owner of a school supply store where I've done most of my ordering over the last 10 years. He is aware of the type of planning and projects I do for my classroom, and can talk about my organization skills and love of teaching.

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