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Do You Know What Your Former Boss Will Say About You?

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Do You Know What Former Boss Will Say About You?

Detroit, Michigan (June 4, 2009) Since 1984, - a professional reference checking and employment verification firm - has provided clients with insight as to what their previous employer(s) has been saying about them to prospective new employers.

Despite the critical importance of favorable references, many candidates take little time or effort to verify that their references are providing the kind of recommendation they need and expect. In large part this is due to a misconception that former employers cannot (and will not) divulge reference-related information beyond a former employee's dates of hire and job title. The harsh reality is that many former employers - supervisors and HR representatives alike - will offer more information than required to prospective employers. The Allison & Taylor mission is to identify, for your knowledge and benefit, exactly what your references are revealing to those who might offer you new employment.

A candidate's “need to know” this kind of information has never been greater. In today's current economic environment it is an “employer's market”, i.e. they have seldom had more qualified candidates vying for a more limited number of jobs. As such, prospective employers are being more cautious than ever in checking your references and in eliminating any candidates whose reference(s) provides an either negative or lukewarm recommendation.

Enter Allison & Taylor, who identify this kind of input for job seekers in a professional, confidential environment. Corporate spokespersons advise that over half of the thousands of reference checks they have conducted, come back as slightly or significantly negative. It only takes one key reference to torpedo your chances of new employment, and to add insult to injury... it's possible, even likely, that a negative reference will continue to impair your chances of getting that next employment opportunity as each new prospective employer contacts them.

Clearly, the first step is to identify if, indeed, one or more of your references are saying negative things about you. If this is the case, be reassured that there are potential remedies for addressing this concern. Allison & Taylor works with the legal community and will be happy to advise you - should your reference report reflect negatively on you - possible “next steps” to address this concern. Truly, it is a service you cannot afford to do without.

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Allison & Taylor and its principals have been in the business of checking references for corporations and individuals since 1984. Allison & Taylor is headquartered in Rochester, MI. For further details on services and procedures please visit

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