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What's Old is New and Technology is Crucial for Job Hunting in 2014

Allison & Taylor Reveals 11 Game Changing Job Hunting Trends for 2014

DETROIT (December 26, 2013) - One of the many resolutions people make for the New Year is to find that perfect job.

In fact, a recent study by Right Management, the talent and career management folks, indicates approximately 83% of the North American population may be searching for a new job in 2014.

With that staggering number in mind, Allison & Taylor has identified the top 11 employment trends that job seekers should keep in mind when beginning the hunt for that new position in the New Year.

  1. Technology plays an even bigger role in the hiring process. Continuing on trend, job seekers will see an online application process for most mid to large size companies. One of the reasons this is so popular is that most companies are now using applicant tracking software - the computer simply sifts through information in the system for résumés whose contents meet the current job opening's criteria.

    Look for online applications to replace papers completely in the very near future - this application process is gaining momentum. As an example, LinkedIn recently integrated an “apply now” option into their job listings; you simply click the button and the system sends your profile to a potential employer.

    Your electronic résumé is about to become more important than ever.

  2. What's Old is New. Yes, technology rules. You may be able to counteract this to some degree. When you do not have a job, sitting at your computer all alone for 8 hours may become very depressing. There is an old fashioned way to get that job. Target where you want to work, dress in your finest clothing, print out on linen that résumé and visit that company, plus go door to door to other companies where you may wish to work. That receptionist may take pity on you, and actually hand deliver your résumé the old fashioned way to the hiring manager. (Yes, 3 of our clients recently told us they found the job of their dreams this way and although they had applied online no one ever responded that way). So pound the pavement - it's invigorating and who knows you will meet along the way.

  1. More consumers are finding assistance from employment-related organizations like Workplace Fairness. Workplace Fairness creates and maintains the most comprehensive, online one-stop-shop for free information about workers' rights. Resources on the site capture the power of technology to educate workers, employers, legal services and community organizations; foster a community of advocates who believe that fairness works; and promote the fair treatment of workers through public policy.

  1. Working remotely and freelancing become the norm. Many employers have discovered the way to get the best talent is open up the employment pool to candidates all over the nation, and the world. The world is shrinking due to technological advancements, and the savvy employers (and employees) are taking advantage of the fact that you can live in one time zone and work in another.

  1. Expect to be screened through social media, video interviews and electronic reference systems. Your electronic footprint is becoming critical. Employers now routinely run a Web search on candidates, looking at social media accounts and professional affiliations online. So take care about what you post to your accounts, and evaluate them from a professional perspective to make sure the content is appropriate.

    Be aware that many employers are also utilizing electronic reference systems, which rank an employee's performance on a scale. While it is comprehensive and factual, it has the downside of limiting the opportunity employers have to favorably assess a candidate. Make sure you've negotiated the terms of your reference upon departure from any company to insure the right information comes across.

    Also, take the time to practice your on-camera interview skills; live video interviews are becoming more of the norm, at least for introductory interviews.

  2. Your references will become more, not less, valuable.

    Though many people treat their reference list as an afterthought, it is of the utmost importance. Your résumé will get an interview, but it's the report your references provide that will win you the job in a close race with another qualified candidate.

    Although the job market is poised to grow, hiring managers generally have a surplus of eligible candidates and will take the time to carefully examine candidate's credentials. It has become critically important that your reference list is well thought out, with full contact information, and presented as a matching and professional addendum to your résumé.

  3. Demographics in the workplace are shifting. Many people in upper-level management are “boomers,” meaning they are now hitting retirement age. This means more employment opportunities on lower levels as mid-management moves up and their jobs (and entry level positions) open up. Bear in mind, however, that this means keeping in close contact with your references becomes very important. If that key reference retires, and you don't have his or her current contact information, it could be very detrimental to your job seeking process.

    Make sure you keep in close contact with your references. Click here to see some tips on managing your references.

  4. Boomerang” hiring intensifies. It pays to stay in touch with former employers. The employment market is shifting again, and employment rates are on the rise. Companies that may have had to lay workers off in recent years are now looking to increase their numbers, and many are more than willing to rehire old employees. This is true for a number of reasons: the employers know what type of employee they are getting based on past experience, and that rehire may have learned some new skills in the interim. Plus, an old employee can jump right back in the fray, since they already know the company's philosophy and the employer's expectations.

  1. There's a new way to leverage your references where savvy job seekers are now modernizing their reference lists to make a powerful statement of their qualifications for the new position. An effective reference list will identify those attributes the references can attest to, an approach that offers several benefits to the job seeker. See examples on Allison Taylor here.

  1. Using LinkedIn may be your best avenue. Not being on LinkedIn can be detrimental to your search. Employers and recruiters regularly search LinkedIn's database of information for people with relevant skills sets and experience pertaining to their requirements for open positions.

  2. The rehire process is not the only reason to keep in touch with old employers! Here's why it makes sense to stay connected.

A professional image is absolutely critical when searching for a new job, so make sure that your résumé and references portray you in the best possible light. For more information on honing your résumé and references, please visit

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